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Key Dates and Processes

The program will consist in two main events, forming a comprehensive view of the development of biotech innovation in France and the US. These events will be preceded by a selection process in July. 

Timeline of Events

Last day to apply

July 6, 2022 will be the last day to submit your application for the Saclay-Boston Biotech Masterclass


Selection process

Applications will be processed like followed : 

The BioLabs and Servier teams will review applications 


A Selection Committee will decide on July 11 based on (but not limited to) these criteria  : 

  • The science behind the project 

  • The business plan

  • The team

  • Funds raised, clients and POCs 


After the selection process, the program will revolve around 2 key events:

day in Paris in September, and a week in Boston from November 7 to 11.

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