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The Paris-Saclay Incubator


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An innovative ecosystem

With 15% of national research and 40% of public and private research jobs in Île-de-France,  the scientific and technological cluster of Paris-Saclay is among the eight most powerful innovation hubs in the world. This density and variety of resources makes Paris-Saclay a unique ecosystem.


The strong variety of the different actors gives to the location all the advantages of one of the most attractive innovation clusters for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Actors like La French Tech Paris-Saclay are committed to the development of this innovation cluster in the Paris area, while the EPAPS supervises the ongoing projects under construction.


Servier and BioLabs...

The start-up incubator created by Servier within its Research and Development Institute in Paris-Saclay aims to be a major player in therapeutic innovation.


The unprecedented synergy between the dynamism of young, promising companies in the healthcare and biotech sector and Servier's pharmaceutical expertise offers unique conditions for developing and accelerating therapeutic research, both in France and worldwide.

The start-up incubator at the Servier Research and Development Institute is the sole initiative of its kind in France, and represents the Group’s ambition to renew itself and its new approach to R&D.


It will allow start-ups to have their independence regarding Servier, while being close-by and benefiting from Servier’s scientific and technological expertise.

...A fruitful relationship

Servier is partnering with BioLabs to operate and manage this tailored space. BioLabs is recognized in healthcare and life sciences at a global level, and will oversee the day-to-day management of the site. BioLabs will also establish contacts with service providers and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large, in Saclay and beyond.

The incubator will provide fully functional lab space, regulatory authorizations, biohazard and chemical waste handling, plus most of the common lab equipment needed for scientific research. Residents will have access to conference rooms and event space, as well as a kitchen, phone booths and living spaces

1,850 m² of incubator 

- Capacity for up to 110 people

- Equivalent to 10 to 15 start-ups 

- Selection committee with representatives from Servier and qualified external experts

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The future of Servier's innovation

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Christophe Thurieau
Executive Director of Servier Research

The start-up incubator encourages knowledge sharing. Networked innovation without barriers is crucial to meeting patients' unmet needs even more effectively and rapidly.


Agile methods to accelerate R&D programs are based on synergies and teamwork

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